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Collection - how to?

Go through a quick rundown on how to create your first collection.

Farm - how to?

Go through a quick rundown on how to create your first farm, and add NFTs to it.

Market Builder - how to?

Go through a quick rundown on how to create your own Market.

NFTS (Non-Fungible Tokens) are representations of collectibles on the blockchain (Ethereum in the case of Rarity Garden). NFTs are usually associated with digital art but their use-cases are limitless. NFTs are one of the fastest-growing asset classes in the crypto space.

Rarity Garden is aiming to become the major hub for exchanging, creating, managing, and market NFTs and collectibles.

A collection holds many NFTs of the same type. If you have a series of Manga NFTs for example, you would store them in the same collection. Collections at Rarity Garden are ERC1155 contracts, the new NFT standard for Ethereum.

Because the collections there aren’t yours. For example at Rarible, your NFTs belong to the Rarible collection and aren’t technically yours. On the other hand, custom ERC1155 collections at Rarity Garden are approx. 50% cheaper than custom ERC1155 collections at Rarible. If you intend to build a community around your NFTs it is critical that you have full ownership and administrative privileges over all contracts in play. The collections you create at Rarity Garden are entirely yours. Additionally, all contracts made with Rarity Garden are already verified.

If you’re holding NIF or owning one of our Free Pass wildcard collectibles, nothing! If you aren’t holding/owning any, a developer fee will apply.


If your account is linked to your wallet ( usually MetaMask or Trust Wallet), all you need to do is send the NFT from whichever wallet has it currently to the receiving address for your second wallet. After that, log into Rarity Garden while your second wallet is the active one on MetaMask or Trust Wallet.

The wallet sometimes crashes after connecting. All you need to do is disable and re-enable your wallet.

What probably happened is that the farm owner adjusted the reward rate. Owners are allowed to edit the rate, but that affects all stakers, not just the individual stakers. So it’s not removing, but adjusting.

Yes, you can. But only if it’s bep1155.

You need to withdraw funds in the NFT market, under the market options.

That’s a token that decreases in total supply every time a token transfer happens. As with every transfer, a percentage of the transferred amount will be burned.

You can try clearing the cache on your browser and refresh.

You can get your free tokens HERE.

Unfortunately no. Even if you set the reward rate at 0 for the time you want the pool to be paused, we don’t recommend that. It would affect accrued but unspent points.

After you finish your transactions, you can see all the information on Etherscan , Blockscout, or BscScan.

We made tutorials to help you with the learning process. You can find out how to create your first collection and your first farm.

You can add a third-party collection, but it only displays if you have those tokens in your wallet.

That is Rarity Garden’s farm for LP NIF stakers. There, the NFTs are not being sold on the marketplace. LP NIF stakers can earn points to get NFTs.

A trait is a piece of information linked to the NFT ID. It has 3 parts: Key (attribute), Value (data), and Type (Text, Number, Boost number and percentage, or date). As an example for Key and Value, you could have “Color” - “Red”.

They allow collection owners to receive a portion of each sale on the Rarity Garden marketplace, up to 50%. It is optional, and may not be taken into account for OTC transactions or in other marketplaces.

If you don’t see your NFT in your wallet - click the settings icon next to “Wallet” and register the collection, from the collection manager you can copy that directly. Alternatively, you can find it in your transaction history on Etherscan, BSCscan, Blockscout, or any other relevant block explorer.

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